it solutions

Armed with a strong infrastructure and a secure environment, NeutronIT’s Solutions creates and maintains the most technologically advanced apps and programs. Apart from the tools made exclusively for handholding, NeutronIT also creates innovative apps under the banner of Learning Management System. A state-of-the-art platform that it is, NeutronIT undergoes continuous learning at every stage. Mobile University, under IT solutions, guarantees to transform your idle time into productive time, making sure that you learn on the go. Additionally, the E-Learning Dashboard approach by this vertical has created ripples across the industry.

Ever wished your smart phone or tablet could transform itself into a brilliant learning device? With NeutronIT’s Mobile University you can now use your device to get the most powerful mobile authoring, delivery and reporting system right where and when you want it. NeutronIT’s mobile technology puts knowledge at your fingertips. With a strong Information Technology Infrastructure, we provide post-training with an additional handholding support tool for trainees, in the form of a mobile application. This app is informative, catering to all the requirements of an individual. For the convenience of the trainees, this app is made available in numerous regional languages.

This platform is available for major smart phones including Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile phone and Blackberry, thereby making it easier to provide knowledge to more number of people, across places, faster.