analysis and design

Analysis & Design

Analysis is the quantitative and qualitative foundation for effective decision making by your team and managers. Well intentioned goals and objectives are of little value without being able to understand the implications or methodologies that need to be established to deliver them.

Typical activities include AS-IS, TO-BE analysis and Information Reuse assessment. A focus on the hard data that reinforces and strengthens the business brief for the project team is a priority. The aim is to close the loop between the activity and pre-determined benefit projections. Validation of the potential for achieving the stated goals and deliverables is a prerequisite.

System design is about harnessing the necessary actions to execute the project so that the goals and benefits are achieved. It is essential that the details are defined in the light of the goals and objectives framework.
In respect of a Design Change Management software implementation, the specific areas covered might be system, installation, transition and network design, plus application integration and an acceptance test specification. The deliverables include either general or specific designs of how the systems, components or applications will be created and integrated.