Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Built upon a fully-virtualized (Network/Compute/Storage) architecture, NeutronIT Cloud Services are available in both Public Cloud (secure, multi-tenant) and Hosted Private Cloud (dedicated hosted) options. All infrastructure resides in secure SAS-70/SSAE16-certified data centers and is fully-managed and monitored on a 24 x 7 basis by NeutronIT Virtual Infrastructure and Storage engineers.

Today we offer a variety of cloud based services, including:


The NeutronIT Cloud Services infrastructure is built upon the latest technologies and processes to provide ultimate flexibility and efficiency, while, at the same time, delivering security and cost-efficiency as good or better than can be provided through an internal deployment.

Compute, Network, and Storage resources can be securely added on-line and in fine granularity, while you pay only for what is in use at any given time. Easily migrate between on-premise and cloud and dedicated hosted models as business needs and growth dictate. Most importantly, know exactly where your applications are running and where your data resides at all times.


To enable truly effective replication, continuity, and archive, there must also be robust interconnection and coordination between primary sites and offsite facilities, particularly for full business continuity. Unlike Product-exclusive, ‘On-Premise-Only’ VARs and Service-exclusive ‘hosted-data center-only’ Service Providers, NeutronIT can provide end-to-end, turnkey solutions comprised of custom-architected on-premise infrastructure augmented with tightly integrated hosted services.

NeutronIT can also deliver both sides of the infrastructure as a turnkey service, including both dedicated on-premise ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ augmented with cloud/hosted services (shared or dedicated); all for a low monthly or quarterly fee.